Ko Lanta Beaches Guide

Ko Lanta – northern beaches

Kor Kwang, Klong Dao and Pra Ae (Long Beach) are northern beaches in Ko Lanta. Ko Lanta’s northern beaches are the most popular – and populous – part of the island. As they are the closest to Saladan, the main entry point to the island, they also have the best (most developed) facilities, with a large choice of shops, dive schools, restaurants, bakeries and bars.

In general all the beaches on Ko Lanta are very tidal, meaning the water recedes quite far out during low tide (twice every 24 hours) and can cover up all but a few metres of sand at high tide (also twice every 24 hours).

Kor Kwang

This beach, with its attractively curved shaped has lovely sand and clear aquamarine water. It is popular among families – especially those with small children, because Kaw Kwang is so shallow that at low tide you have to walk quite far out to get to the water.

Kor Kwang Beach, Ko Lanta

Klong Dao

It is located just 2 km from Saladan Pier. It is 3 km long beach of fine white sand and shallow clear water. The beach has an abundance of accommodation. It is more than ideal for those who like a quiet beach but prefer to have all the usual tourist mods and cons such as international food, music and bars etc.

Klong Dao Beach, Ko Lanta

Pra Ae (Long Beach)

Phra Ae (also known as Long Beach) is Ko Lanta’s ‘trendy’ beach, with a mix of boutique resorts and basic bungalows and is more popular with young people – who also like its lively nightlife scene. This is also great for accommodation if you’re looking for peace and quiet.

Pra Ae (Long Beach), Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta – beaches in the middle of the island

Ko Lanta’s beaches located in the middle of the island are the best value bungalows on the island.

Klong Kong

Klong Kong is probably the best value beach on the island, with a large concentration of cheap bungalows. The beach here is sloping white sand, though there are several rocky patches in the sea which make swimming at low tide difficult.

Klong Kong Beach, Ko Lanta

Klong Tob

It is a mainly shingle beach with some sand and large rocks. The main part of this beach is used as a harbour by local fisherman.

Klong Tob Beach, Ko Lanta

Klong Nin

The beach is covered with coconut and pine trees and the back end is tropical rain forest. It has the highest concentration of ‘backpacker’ style bungalows and bars, all accessible on foot along the beach. There is also a small village centre, with a supermarket, cafes etc. within walking distance on the main road.

Klong Nin Beach, Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta – southern beaches

There are a few beaches in the south of Ko Lanta. All are the beaches are small, just a few hundred meters long.

Ba-Kantiang Bay

Of the southern beaches, Kantiang Bay is the most popular and thus the busiest.  The water is very clear and features some excellent corals for snorkelling as well.  Lying 18 km south of Baan Saladan, Kantiang Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Ba-Kantiang Bay, Ko Lanta

Klong Jak

Klong Jak Bay, also called Waterfall Bay and Bamboo Bay (Ao Mai Pai) are the southernmost beaches of Koh Lanta. All Bungalow sites also have restaurants and bars where Thai and European dishes are served. Seafood BBQ’s and fire shows are held during high season. A mini market is located in Klong Jak Bay. Two elephant camps are located in Klong Jak.

Klong Jak Beach, Ko Lanta

Ao Nui

It is located about 1 kilometer away from Ba Kantiang Beach. The beach is appropriate for driving to relax for a while not for stay. The beach is also shady with tropical plants that grow in hills encircling the U-shaped bay.

Ao Nui Beach, Ko Lanta

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