Ko Kut (Ko Kood) Beaches Guide

Klong Chao Beach

The beaches on Ko Kut run down the west of the island. There aren’t any on the inaccessible east coast. In the centre of the island is Klong Chao beach.

Klong Chao Beach, Ko Kut

Bang Bao Beach

Bang Bao beach is one of the most scenic on the island, a picture perfect horseshoe shaped bay with some good snorkelling off the beach.

Bang Bao Beach, Ko Kut

Ao Prao Beach

The longest beach on the island is the 1Km long Ao Prao beach on the south coast.

Ao Prao Beach, Ko Kut

Ao Noi Beach

Ao Noi beach, considered one of the most beautiful beaches of island, located on western coast Koh Kood. Ao Noi beach next to the north from Khlong Chao beach and can get from main road.  It is surrounded with a peace atmosphere. Ao Noi beach long no more than 200 meters.

Ao Noi Beach, Ko Kut

Ao Taphao Beach

Ao Taphao is considered the most popular beach on Ko Kood, located on the western side of the island near the Hin Dam Pier. It’s a wonderful stretch of coastline with soft white silky sand and a background of sweeping coconut palms.

Ao Taphao Beach, Ko Kut

Haad Ta Khian Beach

Haad Ta Khian is beautiful beach in a southwest part of Koh Kood. The coast is wide enough. The beautiful white beach is about a kilometer long and is lined by coconut trees. The surrounding sea and its beautiful coral reefs are often the favoutite destination of the dive boats.

Haad Ta Khian Beach, Ko Kut

Ao Klong Yai Kee Beach

Ao Klong Yai Kee is a beautiful bay on Koh Kood ‘s west coast. The bay is divided in two distint areas and this two areas house white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, the northernmost is the most beautiful and longest.  Ao Klong Yai Kee has some of the finest hotels of Koh Kood. The accommodations in the bay range from high-end price resorts to hotels extra luxury, however cheaper accommodations can be found along the river Khlong Yai Kee.

Ao Klong Yai Kee Beach, Ko Kut

Ao Ngam Kho Beach

Nice and spacious lagoon is located south of Klong Chao beach, at the western coast Koh Kood. The place very quiet, is a lot of greens and shady trees, especially coconut palms in which shadow two hotels have cosy settled down. Water in a lagoon crystal-clear, not depth, enabling to swim everything, both to adults and children, meters in hundred from coast locates the big coral reef acting above the sea as large stones.

Ao Ngam Kho Beach, Ko Kut

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