Chiang Mai

As in most rural Thai provinces there are typically songtaews that follow established routes around the provincial capital and local busses and songtaews for trips between towns within the province. Songtaews, motorbike taxis, and samlors (three wheeled pedal powered cabs) are usually available for private charter as well.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city to walk around. You can also rent a bicycle or motorbike in Chiang Mai.  It’s very easy to find a bicycle shop or a guesthouse which have bicycles for rent. Motorbike Taxi is available at Chang Phueak Bus Station and Arcade Bus Station.

The other alternatives;


It is very easy to find songthaew in Chiang Mai either day or night all over the city. It costs 35-40 baht during day time. Some songthaew can provide taxi service. A private songthaew can also be requested by using GRAB, a very popular ride-sharing mobile app that works the same way as UBER.

The red-coloured songthaew is most commonly found in Chiang Mai city. There is also yellow, white, green and blue songthaew. Different coloured songthaew indicates different routes. White songthaew goes to the east (Sankampaeng city), Blue songthaew goes to the south (Lamphun province), Yellow songthaew goes to the north (Mae Rim), and Green songthaew goes to the north-east (Mae Jo).


Mobile ride-sharing app, UBER and GRAB is probably the most convenient way (for public transport) to travel around Chiang Mai.


There is shuttle bus covering 2 routes connecting the airport to the city. There is also local white colour minibus running 2 routes in the city. RTC Chiang Mai Smart City Bus is also good way for transportation.


Tuk-tuk is the second most common mode of transport in Chiang Mai.


Samlor, literally means “3 wheels” in Thai,can be found around Warorot Market by the river.