Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in the mountainous area of northern Thailand with a cool climate and has a very attractive, historical and cultural heritage. The city, which was the capital of the country’s cultural capital and the capital of the province of Chiang Mai, served as the capital of Lanna between 1296-1768, and the capital of Chiang Mai from 1774 to 1939. Founded in 1296, Chiang Mai means the new city. The city, located at the foot of Mount Himalaya, could only be reached by crossing the river or elephant Ridge by the 1920s.

Chiang Mai city view

Chiang Mai, 700 km north of Bangkok, is home to the highest mountains in the country. Chiang Mai, the second largest city after Bangkok, addresses those who want to see nature, history and real Thai culture, rather than a city that would like to go to Thailand for sea, sand and sun. In this city you can see many tourists with backpackers, families with children. 

Chiang Mai mountains

Quick facts

Population 131,091 (2017)
Elevation 313 m over sea level
Airport Chiang Mai International Airport